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Side Effects of Acai

With all the media attention on the acai berry, more and more people are looking into the side effects of acai. If the acai berry is so good for you, can you eat the acai berry or drink the acai berry juice as much as you want? Are there the acai side effects that a lot of people are asking about?

What are the side effects of acai?

So far, there is no report of any side effects of acai or acai berry. Unlike medicines or drugs that cure similar health problems that acai or the acai berry does, the nutrients in the acai berry are all natural. Eating acai berries is like eating fruit such as blueberries but with more health benefits.

Side effects of eating too much acai berries

As with all foods, eating anything too much can be a problem for some people. Overeating even the healthiest foods or vegetables can be a health hazard. This is why every acai berry products come with recommended dosage or use. Although, eating more acai berries than recommended daily is not a health risk, it can temporary cause disruptions in your digestive system.

Side Effects of Acai

Acai + side effects examined

Have you ever had too much tomatoes and then start having diarrhea or constipation? Different people react to too much fruit differently. Some have diarrhea and some may have the opposite. Also, have you had too much blueberries and experience lethargy? Eating too much acai or acai berries can do the same. After all acai berries are berries. People have been experimenting with blueberries to try to find the side effects of eating too much blueberries for a long time. Researchers and scientists will need even more time to research the acai berries and the side effects of acai berries.

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